Monday, February 6, 2017

A Travel-Adventure-History-Education web series

Yes, we're going to launch a travel-adventure web series and we want you to participate for as little as $2 a month. Friends see me traveling around the world and tell me "Your life is like a movie," so we decided to turn it into one. I've been a vagabonder since 2014 when I met and befriended a Colombian photojournalist. She'd been traveling solo -- or rather backpacking (they're different things I was to discover) --  since the age of sixteen. When she and I traveled to northern Argentina, we traveled by bus, hitchhiked, and walked.  It was amazing.

I've been in India now for four years and traveled a bit. I've seen some very cool places, and had some fun adventures, some of which I've posted photos of and talked about here. We've traveled through mountain and forest road to Goa from Bangalore, been to the mountains of Munnar, the ruins of Hampi, (You can click on my profile and check out the Collections).

Now we're going to get more serious about it.

In 2015 I met Jordan, just by chance while he and friends were having coffee at my daily lunch spot. I felt inclined to play host to my American countrymen while they were in town, and arranged to take them by motorcycle to Mysore.  Jordan filmed the excursion.

I've since taken many trips around India, from ocean to mountains, waterfalls to tours of palaces and temples.  History is dripping here.

February 27th I turn 60 years old. So this year I wanted a life challenge, and found it. In August I and my merry band of friends will ride to Dehli by motorcycle, and then endure a week's long ride to the highest and most dangerous road ion the planet on the roof of the world in the Himalayas.

Here are some photos of the area, a ride that draws bikers from around the world to pilgrimage the enduring ride to the top of the world. It is only reachable three months a year, as they are impassable the rest of the year due to snow.

This will be part documentary, part reality show, part history and educational video, and part journalism log.  In short, it will be fantastic, and you can vicariously tag along.

We're asking anyone that loves adventure, challenge, and living life to its fullest to become a patron of our web series for as little as $2 a month. That's only 20% of a pack a cigarettes! Come on, do it.

Don't you want to see if a 60 year old can endure the challenge of body, mind, and spirit to triumph over the elements? Sure you do.

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