Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Yeah, Lots of Prep

As my depart date for Banagalore, India got closer, I had to start thinking about getting things done before leaving, which included SHOTS! I hate shots, don't we all?

First I needed to know what I needed.  And since I hadn't been back in New York City very long, I didn't have a doctor to ask.

However, I came across a site for the Travel Clinic of New York, which certainly sounded like the place for me.  Turns out, they were terrific. I went in for the appointment, talked with the doctor a few minutes to determine what I needed, got the shots and was out of there in less than thirty minutes.

For India he recommended Hepatitus A, Typhoid, Tetnus, and Polio.  The cost was about $100 each. For Malaria there is no shot: you have to take pills DAILY! What a drag, and they're $10 each. so a three-month supply is costing me approx. $1,000.