Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Settled

Mysore Palace
I've really been quite lazy since arriving, but made the first moves to change that dynamic today
I'd settled into going to the Italian cafe each day where I spend four to five hours, eating, drinking coffee and writing.  But other than a few meals at traditional Indian restaurants, have not really engaged the local culture.

Today, however, I've sourced a studio apartment for $200 a month, and will move in tomorrow. It's a more traditional neighborhood; very ethnic. I've secured the apartment until the end of the year, so hopefully will get to interact with some of the neighbors and experience the local culture.

I joined a few Meet Ups, and my first excursion will be to the Cave Resort on September 78th. Thereafter I may jump up to Mysore and Ooty.

A friend from stateside has talked about coming here in Decemer, and we'll explore the hidden lost temples of India in Tamil Nadu, as well as Chennai, Goa and Kerala.

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