Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NS Ramaswamy

I was at the local cafe reading the Times of India today, well, like I do everyday, and came across an interesting article about a guy you've likely -- like me -- never heard of, who passed away recently.

According to the Times, Clad in kurta pyjama, sporting a flowing white beard and holding a strong walking stick in hand, NS Ramaswamy was a multi-dimensional personality. He pioneered application of management science concepts and techniques to neglected sectors of economic and social life. 

His NGO, Centre for Action, Research and Technology for Man, Animal and Nature (CARTMAN), established in 1983, promoted application of appropriate technology and relevant management to the vast unorganized and rural sector. 

He was engaged in at least 20 missions from Indian heritage to management to bullock carts, modern abattoirs and animal welfare. He was consultant to the UN, FAO, World Bank and many global organizations. He served as chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India and Meat Committee and fought for modernization of slaughter houses. The HRD ministry had appointed Ramaswamy as national professor in recognition of his contribution in the field of management. 

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