Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have You Heard of Piadina?

I thought there was a huge culture shock when I first got to India, yet I'm now finding that a lot of what's different is also the same.

As usual I went to the cafe to work on my laptop and have lunch at my regular haunt Cafe Pascucci. And as usual, I met up with Sanjeev and Nihanth, who I met here some weeks ago and are now working on a project with me; the patio of the cafe has become our office where we spend about 5-7 hours daily.

Today I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, only to be told no rolls arrived today. "But you can have chicken Piadina" he said.

I thought, sure, why not, I am in India after all and can't eat the same western-styled food everyday.

However, when it arrived, by another same it could have easily been called a chicken tortilla. 

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