Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Magic of Snow

I've been in India for six months, and its been an interesting and enjoyable stay.
Part of my India journey has been my visit back to New York City; I returned so that I can apply for a five year visa back to India. Its been a wild trip to India.  I arrived to outsource a project to a friend's company, but when his staff was back up an unable to take on the project timely, I  found myself hanging out at a local cafe where I met a group of you ng software developers and ultimately started a company with them.  We started withe the 5 of us, and in five months expanded to 10.

When my visa expired i had to return to to New York to reapply for a long-term business visa.

being back in NYC was great, but I found myself on the run everyday in meetings promoting this new business venture.

Tonight was the most perfect day since my return.  There were snowstorm warning, but I tool no heed.  My friend Daylle. who I was staying with, called to tell me "the weather is really bad, you should come back to the apartment.  i don't think I have ever allowed weather to alter my plans, and so I stayed at the cafe working online.

After, I headed to a local pub to have diner and watch the Knicks beat the Timer-wolves in basketball.  I've lived in countries where the locals were crazy for their local team -- Buenos Aires where the sun rose and set on the the Boca Juniors soccer team, and in India where Cricket is all the rave -- but I have never been emotionally attached to any sports team except the NY Knicks.  Well, the Jets too, but they break my heart every season. Even while living overseas I felt an emotional connection reading about the Knicks wins and losses.

Tonight they won, while I watched; drinking a few Margaritas -- Chris makes them splendidly -- and a

Mahi-Mahi fish sandwich. 

The snow continued to fall all night. After I stopped in at the Cigar bar for a smoke, I then headed to the piano bar where my friend Rick played piano.  Nice night. Relaxing, something I needed desperately!

An hour or so later, walking back to the apartment on 52nd street, i stopped to take a pee -- India has a residual effect, what can I say. 

There is something quite unexplained about New York snow-laden late at night. The world seems to slow down, the moments seem to linger, and there is a freshness to life in that moment. 

I know that this is my India blog, but hey, my trip back here is part of my India experience.   I had an amazing trip through southern India in late December and early January, and will post that soon. Bu I've been working my ass off, so cut me some slack.  

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