Saturday, July 5, 2014

Traveling In Goa, India

If you like the beach, beach culture – including open hut bars on the beach --, restaurants, nightclubs, streets lined with craft shops, then odds are you’ll like Goa.It’s a melting pot of Indian, expat and traveler culture that I have not experienced anywhere else in India, yet. 
Although I looked, I couldn't find the street depicted int he opening scenes of the Bourne Supremacy film, but the trip was relaxing and adventure-filled none the less.

Rajeev and I rented some motorcycles and traveled between many of the beaches along the coast, stopping for a great fish lunch along the way. I got to see another side of the multi-faceted India.  Although I always say that the best way to travel is without an agenda or expectation, I had expectations anyway of whatq I thought Goa would be, and it didn't appoint. 

Mostly we hung out and relaxed. Oh yeah!

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