Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diwali 2013

It may be technically the Celebration of Lights in theory, but in reality it is really loud!  This is my second Diwali celebration. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, we enjoyed fireworks every 4th of July.  In addition to the grand fireworks display over the East River, which were spectacular, every neighborhood had their own local bottle rockets, fire crackers, and sparklers. This is a whole other dimension.

The Diwali festival in Bangalore is a sort of free for all on firecrackers, and never in my life have I experienced such a deafening event. Last year I experienced it on my terrace when a group of friends came over to drink the night away.

Everywhere you go there are hundred of crackers bursting in the streets. Tonight I drove near UB City to meet friends, and even on the main roads traffic had to zig-zag to avoid the firecrackers going off in the middle of the streets.

We spent the night enjoying Margaritas and some good food at Tiga Tiga on MG Road. Good freinds, good food, good drinks, good time.

Happy Diwali!

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