Monday, May 12, 2014

A Jazzy Night in Bangalore -- Zaang Style

My friend Vinil had launched some months back. It is a social group whose aim is to host events for fun people.  They've had several events that I've attended these past months, and always had a good time. However, this event at the terrace bar at the Hyatt Hotel was something new for them, and it was a hit. The focus was not on a huge crowd, but rather a good crowd. And they got it.

When I arrived the atmosphere was calm, and understated upscale elegance. The crowd came dressed up, most men in suits or dress shirts and slacks, and the girls in dresses long and short.  At R800 for all you can drink, it was nice not to have the place overcrowded: I was able to get to the bar with ease for refills :)

Terrific night, and something I hope to see do more often.  Read the review and see more photos here.  

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